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How GameBackupSystem Works


How it Works


GameBackupSystem is a result of decades of research and experience by a group of gamers and programmers. The product was created to fill the need in having a method to help backup and copy games on any video game system.

Because all of the consoles now have games which are in DVD format, they can easily be copied. This has lead the game developers to use methods such as encryption and security loops to make these games uncopyable. These security measures have made the games unreadable on your PC, making them hard to copy.

This is the reason why mod chips are so popular - because mod chips make the consoles ignore these copyright protection measures, allowing you to copy games unprofessionally. However, because mod chips are illegal and void your warranty, it's important you don't use them if you can.

That's where GBS comes in -

GBS is a combination of software and guides for each of the popular video game console explaining in great detail, step by step, how to copy and backup your games.

We've created a system which allows you to create & play backup games on your favorite games console, allowing you to keep your original discs in mint condition. We do NOT condone the illegal copying of games - our product should only be used to back up the games you have personally bought & legally own.

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